How SMART are you?

She looks smart!

One thing I learned in over forty years in the business world was that good planning is the key to success. No good just pressing on and hoping for the best, that people will do the right thing, that promises will be kept or impossible deadlines met. No use dreaming of what might be, or coming […]

Speaking up for yourself (Guide to presentation skills Part 4)

To be or not to be?

Today I am taking a break from the preparation phase to give you a chance to start developing your own presentation technique. In the audio clip of just over 4 minutes I introduce the first of my golden rules for getting it right on the day. So have a listen, think about them and why […]

Speaking up for yourself (Guide to presentation skills Part 3)

One way to do research!

Time to move on with our beginner’s guide to presentation skills remembering that the same basics apply whatever the occasion and whatever the subject. This time I have prepared an audio presentation of just over 4 minutes when we move into the preparation phase; that all important key to getting it right on the day. If you are just […]

A Practical Guide to Job Evaluation – Step 4

Know where you're going now?

Hello once again from me, Anthony Molyneux, author of the Redstart Business Guides and the Lord Ferrister series of stories, and welcome to Part 4 in our Guide to Job Evaluation for beginners. Once again, today’s is an audio presentation lasting for about 3 minutes, when I  review progress to date and move on to […]