Pay a Compliment Today!

Today is Pay a Compliment Day! I love obscure “holidays”. Any reason to stir up a good time is ok in my book. And, today is just as good a reason as any to be festive. I gave a few suggestions today on The Civilized Minute about how you might pay a someone a compliment, […]

Getting Civilized with Clinton


So, I went into the Clinton Anderson weekend show expecting to learn a bunch of stuff about working with horses. And I did! But, I got waaay more than I bargained for. His presentation style, his personality, his staff…it’s making my heart beat fast just to remember it. Let’s just say this. As Emma (13) […]

Cool as a Cowboy

In our little town, a big PRCA rodeo comes to town each February. Soon, we will begin to see signs start to pop up saying things like “Welcome Cowboys” and there will be an influx of trucks and horse trailers. The first year we took our children, a bull jumped up into the stands. No […]

Careful Little Mouth


This may come as a shock to some, but honesty is not always what people want or need to hear. In other words, you don’t have to verbalize every thought that comes to mind. It’s not your plight in life to make sure people know your innermost thoughts. It’s not your place to “offer advice” to your […]