Soul-ution: The Music of Hope


Hope: The expectation of a favorable future under God’s direction. Philip Yancy‘s classic Where Is God When It Hurts? shares a picture of hope. It looks more like courage than cheerfulness, for hope is brave. Brave Story of Hope Captured by Nazis during WWII and shuffled among prisons in Scotland, Belgium, and England, young Jurgen […]

Internet: 3 Ways to Keep Your Kid Safe


This is first of a three-part series called CYBER SAFETY for KIDS. As the mother of three children (two teens and an adult daughter), cyber UNsafety gives me nightmares. My son too. The other day while he played Minecraft with his Christian school friends on XBox 360 Live, a teen boy who crashed their game […]

Got a Sex-Stained Past? Find Healing!

couple_holding_hands Photobucket

Do you have a sex-stained past? Perhaps adultery (emotional or physical)? Or multiple partners during high school or college? An abortion? Pornography? Sexual abuse? Whatever your past, the good news is God loves you; his heart bends toward the hurting. He desires your healing. Listen to these Christian women’s struggles. A young woman has sex […]

The Power of Dad, for Better or Worse


Dads are important to kids growing up healthy. Living without a dad is tough. Experiencing a dad who hurt you is unimaginable. Please know that your heavenly Father loves you beyond words. Many girls grow up with¬†fathers who were¬†absent in one way or another. Others have loving, involved dads. If you are among the girls […]