The Upside of Problems


When a problem pops up, God is trying to get your attention. He wants to listen and to encounter Him today. Why? Because he cares. The other day my counselee (whom I'll call Cheri) fell flat on her back -- literally, flat on back  -- and suffered a compression fracture. … [Read more...]

You Are Beautiful


We women long to hear these words: You are beautiful! We live in an ugly world with impossible beauty standards. Flawless faces leer at us while we wait in the checkout line. Blemish-free skin, perfect noses, impeccable makeup. And just below the faces. . . . . . … [Read more...]

for all the moms who need comfort


As Mother's Day nears, you'll hear the usual, gushy mom stuff. . .and this is OK. But for you women who need comfort for any reason -- a death, infertility, divorce, loneliness -- please know that God loves you and he understands. The morning began like any other. A shower, … [Read more...]

Writing Your “God Chose Me” Story


Hi friends, this is an excerpt called "God Chose Me" from my forthcoming book REFILLS: Sharing Cups of Comfort, Hope, and Truth with Women and the Leaders Who Serve Them, due out in late Spring. If you're interested in joining the blog tour and getting a free copy, please … [Read more...]

Should you share a secret?


When to share? When to zip your lips? Do you know which to do and when? Read on. While playing tag on the school playground, secrets fluttered about like butterflies. “Hey, Suzie, guess which boy in class likes you?” “Who?’ “I’m not suppose to tell you. It’s a secret.” … [Read more...]

How to Accomplish Your Goal


Have you ever tried to accomplish a BIG (or little) goal and then quit? Me too. The best way to accomplish your BIG goal is to chop it in small chunks (or take sips, if you will). No doubt you've heard this advice. It bears repeating because everyone needs a steady … [Read more...]

You CAN Learn to Love Your In-Laws


In-laws is one of those words that evokes deep feelings. If you want a better relationship with yours, meet this amazing duo. In-laws. The term evokes every emotion under the sun. Some of us just try to get along with our loved one's closest relatives. Others move away … [Read more...]

The S word: SUBMISSION! Should You?


Do submission and doormats go together? NO! God wants you to enjoy a healthy marriage. SUBMIT. Discuss this S word among friends, and you may hear snorts and see eyebrows rise. You know what they may think: Submit? Me? You've lost your brain. And yet. . . God (yes, … [Read more...]