Choosing Hearts not Hurries…


What memories do you have of home? What about home makes it a place that you want to return to? For many, the memory has little or nothing to do with a place, but a feeling of comfort, of peace, or of possibility.  When I think about the homes I long to visit, or bring to … [Read more...]

Gathering Time for Together


These days from the week before Thanksgiving to the first of the year happen in rapid fire fashion do they not?  The television, store ads, and aisles all call to us to buy more, spend more, and go go go more. As an old mother of four young adults I find that the real treat … [Read more...]

Internet: 3 Ways to Keep Your Kid Safe


This is first of a three-part series called CYBER SAFETY for KIDS. As the mother of three children (two teens and an adult daughter), cyber UNsafety gives me nightmares. My son too. The other day while he played Minecraft with his Christian school friends on XBox 360 … [Read more...]

The Power of Dad, for Better or Worse


Dads are important to kids growing up healthy. Living without a dad is tough. Experiencing a dad who hurt you is unimaginable. Please know that your heavenly Father loves you beyond words. Many girls grow up with fathers who were absent in one way or another. Others have … [Read more...]

Who Mothered You?


Mother's Day Weekend is a special weekend in our home. My mother lost her battle to cancer seven years ago and I will most certainly miss her presence, as I do my grandmothers and aunt. This weekend for me isn't about being celebrated as my children and step children's mom, … [Read more...]

for all the moms who need comfort


As Mother's Day nears, you'll hear the usual, gushy mom stuff. . .and this is OK. But for you women who need comfort for any reason -- a death, infertility, divorce, loneliness -- please know that God loves you and he understands. The morning began like any other. A shower, … [Read more...]