Time together

I had an interesting time with my son, 16, this week.  You see he's of the go-go-go group.  Each day they have fishing afterschool, hanging out to do a chore together, or some … [Read more...]

Happy Annivesary!

Les & Sweetie

Today we celebrate our eighth anniversary. Like most marriages, it is not the fairy tale day that we often wish for....Dh is in Afghanistan...I am in Alabama...not exactly the … [Read more...]

Summer Changes

At our home summer means that the children are going to be traveling to see their other parents.  Our paperwork states six weeks is to be spent in another state, and if … [Read more...]


So glad you found us!  We're Les & Sweetie Berry, a blended family of almost eight years now!  Les is currently deployed in Afghanistan, but we know where the real war … [Read more...]


Les Berry

We're getting ready for deployment in the Berry home this week. Les is Department of Defense and he's headed to the Middle East.  Deployment is a really tricky thing for some … [Read more...]

Spring Break


   Spring Break our children go to their other parents homes.  We gather up the Saturday it begins and head three and a half hours on the high way to meet them … [Read more...]

Mother's Day…for Who?

   Easter has passed and Mother’s Day is coming.  Did you know there is a StepMother’s Day as well?  Personally Mother’s Day covers both for me.  I reared my husband’s two … [Read more...]