Deny the disappointment

Disappointment is going to enter everyone’s life.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Bill Gates, Tim Tebow, Warren Buffett or you & I.  You’re going to have a day where you don’t get the job, you don’t complete the project, you don’t get that special someone to return your feelings.

The key is how you respond to it.  Do you allow the depression that usually comes along with disappointment to overcome your situation?  A lot of people will allow that to happen to them and as a result it will impact other parts of their life.  They’ll have trouble at home, with friends and co-workers.  Their mood will slowly go from optimistic to pessimistic.  You’ll see forward motion coming to a grinding halt because you’re dwelling on the negative result.

Even in what seems like the worst situations you should be able to find something that provides you encouragement despite the undesired result.  For example, the letter from the employer that rejected you for employment compliments your extensive experience.  The project manager tells you that you provided excellent work despite their going in a different direction.

If you focus on finding the good in any situation, you’ll discover the sting of disappointment won’t last quite as long as previous times.  You’ll still feel those twinges when something doesn’t go as you hope it will go because you’re human.  It’s normal to feel the emotions.  However, the more you go forward despite the feelings, the more you’ll be able to accomplish down the road.

How do you handle disappointment?


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    This is a great topic that – given the challenges of the current work environment – many people are facing. I love your suggestion to shift your focus from what didn’t feel good to finding the positive. Every time we work through an episode of our lives that didn’t happen like we thought it would or like we wanted it to and can learn from it, we win. We may not have won the position or the award, but we won the battle within ourselves. And each time we win that kind of battle, we are winning the war.

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      Exactly! The more we focus on finding the good, the more we’ll be able to find it. If we keep in mind that nothing surprises God and that if we keep seeking Him that He will work for good, then every situation can be a blessing even if it seems like a curse. Thank you for your comment, Kate!

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