Getting Civilized with Clinton

So, I went into the Clinton Anderson weekend show expecting to learn a bunch of stuff about working with horses. And I did! But, I got waaay more than I bargained for. His presentation style, his personality, his staff…it’s making my heart beat fast just to remember it. Let’s just say this. As Emma (13) and I were leaving the arena, she said, “I feel kinda sad that he’s leaving.” Sad? But, we don’t know him! We were 2 of 2000! How could his leaving make you sad??

It was a full body and mind experience and I’m going to be sharing his wisdom and how it was so apparent to me that his methods of changing horse behavior and building relationships with these animals can be taken from the horse barn to your home and your work place. Click here to read more about how I’m kinda calling us all animals but quick to say it’ll all work out just fine. Don’t worry, nobody’s going to be running you around a round pen or putting a halter on your face. But, I have a 10 year old son, so it is sort of tempting.

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    I have never seen Clinton Anderson in person, but have watched him on TV. It is amazing watching him work with the horses, and none of it feels contrived. You can also see and sense the effect it has on the audience.

    I agree with you that it is an amazing gift to be able to sense what the animals are probably feeling, helping them get through it and then moving on.

    His methods are very instructive when dealing with humans as well. If we could just spend the time, empathize with what’s going on in their minds, hearts and little world, find a way to make it seem better, we could get many more of them to the water, and get them to drink of their own volition.

    Good post.


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