Mac and Cheese

"Macaroni and cheese!" That was Angie's initial requested meal. It was the first weekend away from college and she lived too far from home to go there. So Mike and I decided … [Read more...]

Cool as a Cowboy

In our little town, a big PRCA rodeo comes to town each February. Soon, we will begin to see signs start to pop up saying things like "Welcome Cowboys" and there will be an … [Read more...]

I’ll Get It

We have discovered yet another weather element besides thunder that makes our dog skitish - wind. It's not just a light breeze that gets to Shadow; it's the whipping gale that … [Read more...]

Careful Little Mouth


This may come as a shock to some, but honesty is not always what people want or need to hear. In other words, you don't have to verbalize every thought that comes to … [Read more...]



Dear Niece, Congratulations on your first day of college. I know it has been difficult to have to wait to start until the second semester. Necessity isn't always … [Read more...]