Moms, Super Practical Parenting Ideas!


As we near the end of this series on "Becoming the Best Mom Ever," let's get SUPER practical. You now know the "WHAT" and the "WHY," so here's HOW to be THE best MOM ever. The suggestions that follow are my twist on Christian psychologist Kevin Leman's ideas in Have a New … [Read more...]

Hot Stuff

I meant to leave a pan of potatoes on the stove when we headed for church this morning. It was part of my grand plan. Since I am typically fatigued when we return after Sunday worship I thought I had figured out the perfect way to have a nice meal almost ready when we got … [Read more...]

All About the Limited Liability Company (LLC)

At my company, CorpNet, one of our biggest services is helping business owners form an LLC and manage the business filings to register their business with the state authorities. Deciding to form an LLC can be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made, especially if … [Read more...]

Following Up or Finishing Off?


Are you so focused on your "list" that you're losing the momentum of the "meet?"  Last week I worked with a group of small business women who have been working hard to learn the skills of engagement in business.  Their efforts were heroic, their enthusiasm was electric, and … [Read more...]

Are You the Best Value?


Often as seasonal sales come and go I hear small business friends and owners lament "I can't compete with xyz store's price."  You know what? I never tried to.  Coming from a rural town, I learned early on that price isn't everything.  You see in a small town, which … [Read more...]

Are You THE MOM or a wimp?


Our culture tends toward two extremes on a continuum: either crass authoritarianism or wimp-dom. God calls you and me to be neither authoritarian nor permissive but authoritative in parenting. Yes, embrace the role as benevolent dictator. Your job  is to be THE MOM or THE … [Read more...]


When Mike offered to blow up the air mattress I smiled broadly. He knows how much fun  I think it is to move from our bedroom to the living room and camp alongside our dog. Shadow loves it when we all sleep side by side - us on our bed and Shadow on her dog pillow snuggled … [Read more...]