Make Your Marriage Scary-Good

In honor of this Halloween, here are 6 questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you have a “scary-good” marriage. For each question you mark “yes” or leave blank, give yourself ZERO points. For each “no” response, give yourself ONE point. 1. Are you like a … [Read more...]

Can You Make REAL Friends on Facebook?


Facebook has taken friendship to a whole new level. Are these friendships real? Are in-person friendships better? Does it matter? This is intro to my favorite post in my 31 Days of Friendship series, which ends today with a special announcement at my website. The comments … [Read more...]

Learn How to “Fight” With Your Spouse

Let’s begin this column by stating what really should be obvious: It is NEVER okay to physically hurt your spouse. But there are times when you’re so angry you feel like your head is going to explode. Or you feel hurt, or there’s a principle or value you feel needs defended. … [Read more...]

Basics of Business-Business Love Languages


Many times when I am asked to work with a small business to help them grow there is almost a hum of "we NEED more business" tone to their atmosphere.  I typically ask to see the books for the last three years or for as long as they existed if new. I ask for data on how many … [Read more...]

Can Anyone Be Joyful. . .Always?


"BE JOYFUL ALWAYS." I bumped into this three-word Scripture a few summers ago. The thought--yikes, the command to be joyful always--looked amazing on the pages of my Bible. Then the trees turned colors, and my joy fluttered down down down like a crispy oak leaf. My eldest … [Read more...]