How to identify ghosts in your parenting


Earlier I wrote that you could often identify a ghost or monster under the bed if you feel or believe strongly that you should become quite different than your own parent. However, sometimes these feelings or thoughts are not apparent to us. I want to compare this to a … [Read more...]

Thou Shalt NOT Be Scary Thin


Do you know that Bible does NOT command thinness? Why then do so many Christian women — and girls! — desire a Victoria’s Secret model’s airbrushed body? (BTW: The photo above is from SkinnyJeans, “the jeans that make you look thinner!” How apropos.) So why do so many … [Read more...]

The Pursuit of Peace


  In this age of more is more, one pursuit has become very rare.  The pursuit of peace.  We are inundated with information on how if we buy this item or achieve that goal, we will have success.  The internet has allowed easy access to every home, television, and personal … [Read more...]

Marriage Monday- Do You Know His/Her…


Someone asked Les lately what his least favorite cake was...I was surprised to hear chocolate.  After a decade of marriage sometimes I begin to think I know the "automatic" responses for some of the questions asked of Les or I.  I think Les could tell anyone quickly what my … [Read more...]