Are You the Best Value?


Often as seasonal sales come and go I hear small business friends and owners lament "I can't compete with xyz store's price."  You know what? I never tried to.  Coming from a … [Read more...]


When Mike offered to blow up the air mattress I smiled broadly. He knows how much fun  I think it is to move from our bedroom to the living room and camp alongside our dog. … [Read more...]

Marriage Monday- Together


Fall is quickly approaching and that means back to school in our family. With children in the house ranging from 8 days old to twenty-one we know that finding "together" time … [Read more...]

NASCAR and Chili

For weeks I had been excitedly discussing my ever-evolving recipe for the upcoming chili cook-off. It was to be my first foray into the world of food competition. The food … [Read more...]