Pay a Compliment Today!

Today is Pay a Compliment Day! I love obscure “holidays”. Any reason to stir up a good time is ok in my book. And, today is just as good a reason as any to be festive. I gave a few suggestions today on The Civilized Minute about how you might pay a someone a compliment, but I would love hear from you guys. How are you celebrating? Words? Music? Food? Flowers? Haven’t thought about it yet? Well, take a minute, come up with a plan then come back and share your Complimentary Adventure! (complimentary….get it?…this is free?…compliments are free?…too bad it’s not Speak in Puns Day.)

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    I love this “holiday”! With so much stress in today’s fast paced world, it’s lovely to surprise someone with a random compliment. So today, I emailed each of my children’s teachers, paying them a much needed compliment… thanking them for their many hours of dedication, patience and attention they pay to my children :)

    Thank you for spreading the positive energy today!

    You’d did a great job!!

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