Say Something NICE and Learn To Love Yourself!

I hope that regardless of where you are in life – dating, married, divorced, re-married, … today you will take time to AFFIRM YOU!

Sometimes under stress or during crunch time (in life and in running a business), we forget to show love to those that are the most important to us. In the podcast below I share some good tips on “Ways to Praise” those that are closest to you. I hope you will consider using them with yourself.

Why not take a few minutes and listen to the podcast: Ways of Praise by clicking this link?

The “Ways of Praise” system of learning to say nice things to yourself and others could be a real life changer. It was for me! In fact, learning to love myself is one of the reasons I am where I am today. I wrote about it a book called The Legacy Letters!

Here’s an excerpt of what I shared in the book:

“You don’t have to be perfect. Life is about striving, going the distance, falling short at times, and sometimes letting go all together.  It’s about living with passion and the excellence you define. Life is about finding joy in little things and cherishing relationships – especially the one with yourself. Love YOU for who you are. As I have learned to love me, I have found that I am talented, that I have gifts to share, and that what I do does make a difference in the world…

…Day to day tasks always had a way of killing my joy until I made a game out of them. I now play Tetris with the dishwasher, climb Mt. Laundry, and listen to music as I make things sparkle and gleam. Challenge yourself to find joy in everyday tasks or set aside the money to delegate them to someone else!

I hope today that you will choose to not only praise the kids in your life, but that you will learn to value and praise yourself! As my friend Sweetie Berry says, “You are enough”. That statement is true for you as well!

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