Summer Visitation

It seems like this year I have twice the summer visitation happening. The teenagers had different schedules this summer so I am thrilled to have one at a time time with both of them.  Madison is thirteen this year and is on a mission trip with our youth group. This is her first big week long camp away that Mom didn’t attend. She is thrilled!  Chaser is still in his oh so long day in day out summer school schedule four days a week.  With Les gone it means that I am making the 400+ mile treks back and forth to accomodate their split visitation schedules by myself…boy do I miss our car rides together!

Part of our couple time is always the time alone back from taking a child to visitation.  It is time for us to discuss, reflect, and to enjoy that which is working in our lives. I love those talks.

We added a puppy to the mix this week.  Heaven help us we have six dogs at the moment.  Three labs and three fluffs.  Miss Bella is a Shih Tzu that was a granddog of my first Shih Tzu and the last litter of her mama….we couldn’t resist!

I am hoping that one of our labs goes to live in the country soon with friends of ours. Drake is not a happy city camper!

Deployment is going well for Les. He is currently at  Camp Kandahar, which is in Southern Afghanistan. The temperature was 120 there today…can you imagine?  I get to talk to him via Skype usually every two or three days. We can text or talk but its an expensive endeavor $8 a minute, so we do not choose to do that often!  Les has a mailing address now, if you’d like to know it please leave me a comment and I’ll email it to you!

God is growing us both this deployment…we have  a strong marriage, we have continually depended upon God and each other from its inception, but this deployment God is really working through some pruning processes…and I am seeing already the fruits of His labor.

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