Who Inspires You to Greatness?

Have you met someone who inspired you to make a difference?

A life-or-death-oh-my-God-help-me-be-the-change kind of difference? I have. Her name is Diana Scimone, a Christian women and the heart of Born2Fly, a nonprofit dedicated to stopping child trafficking in the United States and around the world.

Child-trafficking. You’ve heard about it. It’s a crime forcing little kids to do things no child should. Like sew tiny beads to saris sold to tourists in the markets of Calcutta. All day every day. Even worse: child sex trafficking of girls and boys.

When Diana, a journalist, first discovered these crimes against children, she got mad — who wouldn’t! — and asked herself what she could do to stop it and save lives?

God gave her the answer: write!


One part of the Born2Fly solution is a new, beautifully illustrated children’s ebook called Born to Fly. Born to Fly inspires children to pursue their dreams. Proceeds from book sales help fund a worldwide anti-trafficking prevention program.

“Each year more than 1 million kids get lured into trafficking including in the U.S.,” Diana says. “Some of them are just 5 years old. We’ve launched a program to reach kids before the traffickers do—and we’re hoping that sales of this new ebook will help fund it.”

Born to Fly features 43 illustrations in soft pastel by artist Leah Wiedemer. A companion website, www.borntoflybook.com, has games and activities for kids and a free reading guide/curriculum for schools. Born to Fly is published solely as an ebook and is available for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony, and other readers.


Another part of the Born2Fly solution is the development of a wordless book (as well as a written curriculum) for use in countries all over the world. Already the book and curriculum is in use in the Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, and other nations.

“Wherever kids receive awareness training, the rate of child sex trafficking plummets,” Diana says.

This is why the mission of the Born2Fly Project is educating girls and their parents about the dangers of child sex trafficking through a strategic, multimedia campaign. The wordless book — which is a different book than the one mentioned above — has the potential to reach millions of children no matter what their language or country, nor how remote their villages.

The wordless book shows how traffickers gain the trust of families and lure the unsuspecting. Usually a family and the child believe she is going to the big city to become a nanny, an office worker, or a waitress. The wordless book exposes the traffickers’ tricks, keeping children safe.


Inspired by Diana, I held my first “Save the Girls” yard sale in 2009 and donated a chunk of the money to stop child trafficking. You (or your church youth groups or women’s ministry) can raise money too. Bake sales, car washes, even a tee shirt sales can help.

Here’s a photo of a high-quality tee that an artist friend developed at my request.

You can buy one for just $12 (shipping included!). I’ll donate the proceeds to Diana’s nonprofit to stop child trafficking. Sizes M, L, and XL are available. Send me a message, with your street address and size, and I’ll send the tee to you ASAP. Please consider giving the children’s book Born to Fly as a Christmas gift OR purchase a tee from me.

You can change your world because Christ has changed you!

P.S. To get Diana’s beautifully illustrated children’s book in time for Christmas, click here.

P.P.S. Who inspires you to greatness?

Merry Christmas!

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    Lucy Ann,

    You are the best! And your t-shirts are awesome! I remember when you first launched Save the Girls a few years ago. It’s such a brilliant idea. I hope women all over the US find these adorable t-shirts under the Christmas tree this year.

    Thank you for all you are doing to stop the traffic and set girls free to soar.


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